Endlessly inspired by the wonderful Scottish scenery that lies on my doorstep, I paint predominantly landscapes, usually abstracted to their elemental colours and textures. I use a variety of media in my work and I’m constantly looking for new ideas. I like to think that the surface and pigment or medium is my subject, I use the scene or the object in from of me as a conduit to explore the medium and the subject will slowly appear through the layers of paint.

I apply the paint using palette knives, brushes, card, sticks and anything really that comes to hand! I want the paint to create a life of its own, I avoid contrived marks and allow pigments and solvents to mix or drip and find their own place of the canvas. Sometimes a painting can come together in a week and other times it can take years and layers of paint before I’m happy.

Time Line, Art Qualifications and Exhibitions
  • 2008 OCA Changing Lives Exhibition, Ocean Terminal, Edinburgh
  • 2010 I made a human
  • 2017 Cert. HE in Creative Arts
  • 2019 Became full time artist
  • 2019 Paisley Arts Institute 131st Annual Open Exhibition
  • 2020 Understanding Painting Media Level 4 course, OCA
  • 2020 Paisley Arts Institute 132nd Annual Open Exhibition
  • 2021 Paisley Arts Institute – Scottish Drawing Competition
  • 2021 Understanding Visual Culture Level 4 course, OCA
  • 2021 Edinburgh Macmillan Art Show 2021
  • 2022 Accord Hospice Art Show and Auction
  • 2022 The Big Art Show, Paisley

Markets and Fairs

  • 2019 WASPS Christmas Art Market, December, The Briggait
  • 2021 WASPS Summer Artists & Makers Market, 7th & 8th August, The Briggait
  • 2021 3D2D Christmas Fair, 27th & 28th November, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall
  • 2022 Jackie Stewart Classic, 18th & 19th June, Thirlestane Castle, Lauder
  • 2022 3D2D Christmas Fair, 26th & 27th November, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall

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